Sunday, March 26, 2006

Woman only Train Compartments in Singapore? Ridiculous.

Recently, I read, with amusment, I must add, about a reader of Sunday Times writing in to talk about the Woman-only carriages, stating that Singapore should implement it as well, so that the harassments of females would disappear.

Don't get me wrong. I'm one who thinks that, while the Woman's charter and protection women get is overrated, it is right. Rapists should be stoned and molesters should be fed to sharks.

However, this is....going beyond the line. That letter was just waiting to be blasted.

And I was right. Today, some one rightfully wrote back to rebuke that letter.

Let's see, first of all. There's this idea that women should be surveyed (..."but also survey women's receptiveness to this idea.")

Oh yay. We male are forgotten. As though each and ever single male are sexual predators. >_>

Something definately isn't right here.

So, since I'm bored, I've decided to do a little research myself.

Singapore MRT system uses trains that have barely 6 cars, spanning just 138m. Compare that to the Japanese train, and you know what I mean. The Japanese Shinkasen is roughly 250 meters, while a 223-series is 200 meters. (Source: 233 is mentioned because the picture that Wikipedia used (

See the difference? If SMRT/SBS Transit were to introduce this system, how many carriages would be left to us men? For the sake of being fair, let's say 3 trains were given to males, 3 were given to females.

Sounds all fair, right?


This is generally assuming that the number of males and females taking the train is equal. However, what if it isn't equal? The women compartment is half empty, while males have to be packed like Sardines (with olive oil. Ketchup sucks) 3 trains ahead, staring into the space 3 trains ahead/behind, thinking "So near, yet so far"?

Of course, the reverse works true too. Females packed, males happily taking 3 seats and doing push ups at the same time.

Also, what happened to the consideration for couples? Not everyone is rich enough to buy their own means of transport, and for students like me, the MRT is one very easy way to get around (expensive as hell though. ._.). There are plenty of couples hugging/kissing/doing-unthinkable-things on the train. So, with women only carriages, if they followed their boyfriend into the "male" carriages, won't they be one of the few females in that place? Won't they feel weird?

While this idea is good, since it gets rid of "sexual predators", the main thing is that it simply isn't feasible in Singapore. Even if there are trains that are designated for women come in intervals, it won't solve anything. Remember the Changi Airport trains? Either you took it and transferred at Tanah Merah or you waited for a next one. Wasting precious time. If this does happen, females will crowd the platforms, waiting for a "female" train to arrive, while the male is probably half way home to a beer and shower.

It CAN happen, if Singapore has longer trains (12 cars or so). However, the length of the MRT platforms strongly indicate that it won't happen. The train barely fits the platform, and unless millions is poured into upgrading (hence more money from us. >_>), it won't work.

Woman only trains? Go to another counry if you want them. >_>


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